Yorkshire dealer expands distribution area further south on striking Danish deal

L-R Tristan Hulbert, Helge Lund, and George Hulbert at the Liftup HQ

Mobility provider Yorkshire Care Equipment has expanded its distribution area for a special emergency lifting chair to include Warwickshire and parts of Birmingham.

The firm, which already covers from the north of Scotland down to Warwickshire, has near exclusive distribution rights for the Raizer chair with only one other provider in the UK allowed to sell the equipment.

The decision was made last month at a global dealer seminar at Raizer’s headquarters and factory in northern Denmark.

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The Raizer was originally launched three years ago and it has since grown in popularity across the healthcare sector.

It is a chair that is assembled around a fallen person to lift them back to their feet with ease and dignity. It is now used by various ambulance services, fire and rescue services, hospitals, care homes, and in private dwellings in the UK.

George Hulbert, Yorkshire Care’s sales manager, said: “We’ve seen an incredible uptake in Raizer sales over the past couple of years, and that’s because it’s a truly unique piece of equipment.

“The Raizer prevents unnecessary ambulance and call-outs and needless hospital stays, which is vital to save money in the NHS.

“We’re excited to get going in our new distribution area and see how this device could help other NHS trusts across the country.”

Falls are now one of the most costly problems facing the healthcare system and studies have shown that falls cost the NHS around £2.3bn every year.

Managing director of Yorkshire Care, Tristan Hulbert, said: “It’s a great accomplishment for us to be working so closely with a Danish company when the perils of Brexit seem to be dominating the news.

“Falls in the UK is a huge issue, so to be supplying a product that could help relieve pressure on the healthcare service and other healthcare professionals is a huge thing for us. We very much look forward to working with new clients in our area.”

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