World’s first ‘smart folding mobility scooter’ unveiled at Las Vegas tech show

Relync scooter

A new ‘smart folding mobility scooter’, which claims to be a world first, has gone on show at a technology conference in the US.

The Relync R1 scooter, designed for people with limited mobility, was showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday where its features were demonstrated to both consumers and potential dealers.

Relync’s scooter is compatible with users’ smartphones and claims it can fold away into a self-contained suitcase in just three seconds, which if true, is faster than any other folding scooter on the market.

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Designed in response to a demand for a lighter portable scooter solution, the Relync weighs 23kg with the battery included and takes up just 22 inches of space when folded away, making it small and light enough to carry on trains and planes.

The Relync also has an in-built LED navigation system which is able to synchronise with Bluetooth to provide the scooter user with real-time directions. The scooter is fitted with automatic speed adaptation via a GYRO sensor and speed algorithms, which automatically slow the scooter on bends or hills if needed to prevent accidents.

Security features include locking the Relync via smartphone and an intelligent alarm and tamper system which alerts against theft. It also has a USB port so users can charge their devices.

Julien Gueuning, industrial designer at Relync, told an online tech publication that more than 8.2 million people rely on mobility devices across the UK, Europe and the USA but believes that most mobility scooters available are “too bulky, unpractical, get stuck on turns and rough surfaces and are not at all aesthetically pleasing”.

He told movies, games & tech: “This prevents many people will mobility issues – both those who are disabled and those who are less fit and require assistance in order to comfortably get around – from choosing a mobility scooter.

“Although many mobility scooter users are physically fit, the traditional designs can lead to perceptions that the user is weak and helpless. And often they can detract from the users’ sense of style, and therefore their confidence.

“When we developed Relync, bringing together form and function was one of our goals, because we believe that mobility doesn’t simply have to be practical; it can be beautiful and fashionable as well. Relync is more futuristic and innovative than any product like this has ever been. It is designed to be stylish, eye-catching and aspirational, to make it more of a lifestyle choice than a purely functional product – much like a luxury car.”

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