Wiltshire mobility chain surprises customer by rebuilding stolen scooter for free

The Mobility Store Swindon

Wiltshire retailer The Mobility Store has demonstrated the difference that exceptional customer service can make after coming to the rescue of a pensioner whose mobility scooter was stolen and damaged by a thief.

Staff at the Swindon store, one of five that it opeates, rushed to 78-year-old Gillian James’ aid after learning about the incident. She relied on the scooter to get around because of the osteo-arthritis in her legs but couldn’t afford to buy a new one.

The Mobility Store repaired all the damage that was done to the Invacare scooter after it was recovered and replaced every broken part to ensure it was roadworthy again, without charging her a penny.

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Store engineer Gary Neal presented Mrs James with a bouquet of flowers and surprised her with the news that it wouldn’t charge for the job, causing her to burst into tears of joy.

“The store took it in for repairs and I kept asking for an estimate because I was so worried about how much it would cost, but they wouldn’t tell me – now I know why,” she told the Swindon Adveriser. “The Mobility Store have always been good to me, I can’t thank them enough, to do this for me for nothing is amazing. I love my scooter, it’s been hell since it was broken but hopefully now things will get better.”

Mr Neal said the store wanted to surprise her and make sure it could repair the scooter without causing too much of a financial impact.

“The scooter needed a new head console, new plastic casing, new handles, new wheels, a new throttle, a new seat. We sourced all the new parts for free and we rebuilt the front.”

Willie McIver, director of The Mobility Store franchise, said: “We were sorry to hear that she had her scooter stolen, and that someone could do something so cruel. We wanted to help put things right. Hopefully this will show her that there are still good people in the world.”

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