Which? report reveals what customers think of UK’s ‘big three’ stairlift brands

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Stannah has come up trumps against its competitors in a Which? report that ranks stairlift brands based on a customer survey.

The UK manufacturer and supplier achieved an overall score of 75% – edging ahead of its competitors by 8%.

The survey asked 754 people who have bought stairlifts either for themselves, or someone else in the past 10 years to rank the product based on the following categories:  reliability, usability, comfort, quality, look, safety, batteries and value for money.

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Which?’s study included people who had bought their stairlift privately from companies including Stannah, Acorn (including Brooks and Bison Bede), Handicare (including Minivator and Companion, and the brand sold by Age UK), and those who got one from the council. 

It also included those who had got their stairlift from an independent mobility shop or authorised dealer.

Based on what respondents told Which?, it created unique customer scores and ratings. Ranked on a five-star scale, Stannah achieved predominantly four out of five stars across the board.

Nearly half (48%) of Stannah customers opted for a curved stairlift. Meanwhile, 34% of customers buying from other stairlift brands selected a curved alternative. Of the big brands, Stannah ranked best on proportion of satisfied customers (88%) for sales practice and value for money.

The study looked at stairlift prices and found that they start from around £2,000 for a basic straight staircase, but curved models or a very long staircase can see prices go up to £6,000 or more.

The study found the price paid differs between brands, with an average £3,126 cost for a new stairlift for the cheapest brand (Acorn) compared with £3,535 for the most expensive (Stannah) – a £409, or 13%, difference. 

The room for price negotiation differs too. Respondents reported that there are price reductions to be had, with around three in 10 people who had bought a new stairlift (34%) saying that they’d successfully negotiated a lower price than the amount they’d initially been quoted.

One in seven (15%) people also got ‘extras’ included. This varied across brands, with half (50%) of those buying one brand of stairlift reporting that they had successfully negotiated cost reductions.

Patrick Stannah, managing director of Stannah, said ‘’It is a great honour to be voted the best stairlift provider in the UK, ahead of the reputable names in the industry.

“We understand the life-enhancing value of a stairlift, so pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and delivering a personable, high standard of service to ensure our customers feel happy and reassured.

“We’re pleased to score highly across the board, especially the all-important factors of quality, safety and reliability. Innovation is at the forefront of our minds in our pursuit of maintaining, and exceeding, standards to improve our customers’ lives.”

The study’s sample sizes were as follows: Acorn (200 respondents), Handicare (176 respondents), Stannah (275 respondents). The survey was conducted in July 2018.

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