Wheelchair-adapted housing on the decline in Scotland

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The amount of wheelchair-adapted local authority housing has decreased in Scotland and as a result 15% of Scottish wheelchair users are “inadequately housed”.

That is the claim being made by a new report which highlighted the need for greater investment in adapted-housing in the country.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission warned that a “concentrated effort” needed to be made around housing.

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But the report was criticised by the Scottish government which said the publication failed to acknowledge its disability delivery plan.

The points raised about housing are part of wider concerns raised by the commission about inequality of disabled people in Scotland.

Key points raised by the report were that disabled pupils have lower attainment rates and are more likely to be excluded; disabled Scots are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people and disabled people in Scotland earn £1.10 per hour less than non-disabled people, on average.

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