WheelAir V2, WheelAIR


WheelAir is the first temperature control system designed specifically for wheelchairs.

The innovative cooling technology has been a refreshing and effective solution for wheelchair users struggling with overheating and over sweating. Using feedback from WheelAir users, manufacturers, and healthcare professionals, WheelAir upgraded V2 to have an even more significant impact against the issues of overheating and over sweating.

V2 is about giving the user more choice. More fan speeds, a new wireless remote, 1.5 hour charge time and 24-hour battery life. Through active airflow, WheelAir allows for self regulation of the body temperature through convection, conduction and evaporation heat loss.

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The WheelAir system also offers integrations for powerchairs, custom moulded seating, rigid backs, and sling back wheelchairs.

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