WheelAir champions its ‘keep it local’ manufacturing strategy


WheelAir has continued to champion its ‘keep it local’ manufacturing strategy.

It explained that while a lot of industries are heavily reliant on manufacturing in other parts of the world including China, WheelAir remains committed to ensuring as much of its products are designed, manufactured and assembled locally.

Product R&D, as well as the manufacturing of the electronics and the box build assembly all happen in Scotland, while the cushion and fabric covers are sourced from the Netherlands.

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Products then receive a final quality check and assembly at WheelAir HQ in the Netherlands.

CEO and founder of WheelAir, Corien Staels, said: “We go for high-quality suppliers based in Europe. The only thing that isn’t manufactured in the EU is the material for our slingback covers. Everything else, from the electronics to the fans, are produced as locally to us as possible.

“This means that the product is slightly more expensive to make than it would be if we moved manufacturing elsewhere, however, it guarantees us a level of quality that cannot be matched.”

The mark of ‘made in europe’ is important for the WheelAir team who see it as a stamp of quality.

Staels continued: “It is important that we’re close to our manufacturing so that modifications can be done quickly, and that any problems – should they arise – could be tackled quickly.

“We also want to use high-quality suppliers and support the local economy at the same time. That is why we choose to work with manufacturers based in Europe, predominantly in the UK and the Netherlands.”

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