What does Boris Johnson’s coronavirus update mean for the mobility industry?


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has updated the nation on the steps the government has laid out to pave the way back to some normality.

In what he described as a roadmap for restarting the economy, the first steps have seen rules relaxed on outdoor exercise.

Johnson also “encouraged” those that cannot work from home to go back to work.

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However, in analysis responding to the address, this message has seemingly caused confusion across the country with some remaining unsure whether they can safely return to work and if, due to social distancing guidelines and a form of lockdown remaining, there will be enough work available to make a return in some markets.

For suppliers and manufacturers in the mobility trade, the PM did detail that manufacturing jobs should go back if social distancing can be observed.

This means the industry could see some sort of start-up, albeit a slow one.

So far, for the suppliers that have been working throughout this period already, staggered breaks, lunch at workstations and full PPE have helped them ensure staff remain protected and safe during the working day.

He then moved on to retail shop openings and went on to give details for reopening dates, providing the mobility retail market with a provisional date in the diary to look forward to.

Johnson said: “In step two – at the earliest by June 1 – after half term – we believe we may be in a position to begin the phased reopening of shops.”

Adding: “We will shortly be setting out detailed guidance on how to make it work in schools and shops and on transport.”

This guidance, when released, will provide retailers with further information on how they will be able to reopen and what adaptations will need to be made.

Although June 1 is a date “at the earliest” as the Prime Minister said, it will give the mobility trade some confidence in being able to move forward and make plans to get back to some sort of new normality.

On the later steps the Government plans to take, Johnson said: “At the earliest by July – and subject to all these conditions and further scientific advice; if and only if the numbers support it, we will hope to re-open at least some of the hospitality industry and other public places, provided they are safe and enforce social distancing.

“Throughout this period of the next two months we will be driven not by mere hope or economic necessity. We are going to be driven by the science, the data and public health.”

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