Webinars to empower clinicians and prevent harm

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BES Healthcare is launching a series of webinars to empower clinicians and prevent harm.

The ‘Do No Harm, Know Your Power’ campaign, which runs over two weeks from 4 October, will host panel discussions among key industry figures such as clinicians, charities and equipment manufacturers.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the harm happening in the healthcare industry due to pressures faced by the sector. In conjunction, it discusses how clinicians can be empowered to make the possible best clinical decision for the service user – whether that be through following best practice guidelines and standards, improving early interventions in paediatric care, pressure care and postural management, or just being more involved in the procurement process. 

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BES has partnered with Disabled Children’s Partnership, ETAC, Enable Ireland, AJM Healthcare, MOVE Europe and Chunc among others and has a diverse list of panellists for the webinars discussing challenges within assistive technology, what the future should look like and how we can make it happen.

The campaign aims to make a positive change in the healthcare sector, empowering clinicians to say no to untested equipment, to make clinical judgement based on outcomes over picking lists and be involved in the procurement process.

To learn more about the campaign and sign up for the webinar panel discussion, click here.

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