Webinar goes live on heat and moisture issues related to seating

WheelAir webinar

Heat and moisture issues were at the top of the agenda last month when Scottish start-up, WheelAir, presented a clinical webinar as part of LC Seating’s series of online training events.

WheelAir managing director, Corien Staels, and newly-appointed clinical research coordinator, Nienke Conijn, delivered the 45-minute webinar, highlighting the risk factors associated with heat and moisture build-up in seating.

A recording of the webinar is now available to watch on the LC Seating website here.

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Corien and Nienke gave an overview of the conditions which are most associated with heat and moisture issues, before discussing the influence of outside temperature and relative humidity on related symptoms.

The pair also advised on how best to recognise non-verbal symptoms in clients who are experiencing heat and moisture issues and explained how to clinically evaluate clients with custom seating needs. All of which are important factors when justifying reimbursement decisions to install the WheelAir system.

Corien Staels reflected on the event: “It was great to have the opportunity to highlight the very serious issue of heat and moisture risks in seating. We have spent the last five years researching these issues and developing products to help tackle the problem, so it was a real privilege to be able to share this with clinicians.

“Most notably, we have created tools to clinically evaluate a client’s heat and moisture risk, and expanded our clinical evidence base to justify the purchase decision for our products. It was exciting for Nienke and I to showcase these developments, especially now that our latest range of WheelAir products is available, just in time for summer!”

Through active airflow, the WheelAir system allows for self regulation of wheelchair users’ body temperature through convection, conduction and evaporation heat loss.

After starting life in Glasgow, UK, WheelAir has sold internationally since 2017 and opened a new office in the Netherlands in February 2020.

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