VIDEO: Theraposture gets on board with Parkinson’s UK’s ‘hard-hitting’ TV ad


Parkinson’s UK has released its first TV advert in 10 years, coinciding with a number of appearances by actor and Michael J Fox.

Fox has Parkinson’s disease and has been discussing it increasingly in the media in recent weeks.

Now, adjustable bed and chair partner of Parkinson’s UK, Theraposture, has come out in support of the charity and its new campaign.

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The ‘Time for Can’ advert, which Theraposture has labelled “hard-hitting”, is raising awareness of the need for donations so that research into the disease can continue.

It depicts the work the charity also does in changing people’s attitudes towards their illness, changing a ‘can’t’ to a ‘can’.

Theraposture is a selected product partner to Parkinson’s UK, and provides adjustable beds and chairs so individuals with the condition can live more easily at home.

Every Theraposture sale through the charity generates a donation back to Parkinson’s UK, while customers receive a 10% discount on all products.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture sales director, commented: “We are all impressed with the latest Parkinson’s UK campaign, particular the TV ad.

“Our trusted assessors and occupational therapists support people with Parkinson’s on a daily basis, while seeing the huge difference a Rotoflex bed can make to their lives and those they live with.

“It provides a trusted solution to reduce the need for carers, saves money in the long run and improves user dignity.

“Being able to get in and out of bed on your own terms and without manual handling from others is invaluable.

“Now we are all trying to reduce the need for regular visitors into our homes, the Rotoflex can provide a way to eliminate Covid-19 risks as carers may not be needed.

“This is particularly essential for vulnerable people such as individual with Parkinson’s.

“We will be sharing the Time for Can campaign across all our communications to ensure the £1,000,000 Christmas fundraising target is met.”

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