VIDEO: Duplx solves danger of hot water to disabled shower users

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Start-up company Duplx is claiming to have a solution to a dangerous problem faced by disabled shower users around the world.

For some people with disabilities, reaching to adjust the temperature of the shower can be impossible without putting either arms or the entire body under the shower.

This could cause burning, or else the shock of cold water could increase the chance of a slip and fall.

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Now Duplx is introducing a shower mixer (the temperature control on a shower) that is situated outside the shower.

This allows the user to control the temperature before entering the shower.

Colin Opwald, inventor of the product and CEO of Duplx, has said that he understood the need for safe showering after personal experience with his own family highlighted the danger of hot water to the infirm.

Opwald said: “I was working on the idea of making showering easier through the door and wondered: what if the tap could come to the user?

“From there I worked to develop the design and patent for Duplx. The end result is a shower tap you can turn on and adjust externally to the shower.”

It took six years to develop, patent and produce the product for worldwide distribution.

The company hopes it will provide a solution for hospitals and age care facilities. View a video of the product below:

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