Uproar after jailed scooter con-artist returns to work at mobility store

A convicted fraudster, who was jailed twice for conning elderly customers out of cash in mobility scooter scams, has caused uproar after returning to work in a mobility equipment store.

Paul Frossell, who was first jailed in 2013, was jailed for a second time earlier this year after being caught in a sting operation targeting a 98-year-old, was given a part-time post with Southport-based Mobility World, but the company has since withdrawn the offer after a backlash from locals.

Frossell claimed to be working with Mobility World when he was found guilty of the most recent fraud case, even though he had left the business months earlier, a court heard. In that instance, although the lady’snew scooter was still under warranty, Frossell told the pensioner her product was being recalled and moved to replace the model with a third-hand unit.

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Having served his time, Frossell had been reinstated at Mobility World and, according to a report from the Liverpool Echo, he carried out repairs and deliveries in his first two shifts.

The paper contacted the mobility equipment company regarding Frossell’s return. Its owner Steve Hoskins said he had no intention of offering Frossell a permanent position following public reaction.

Hoskins confirmed that Frossell had carried out repair and deliveries but had not directly handled customers’ payments.

Speaking to the Echo, he said: “He has been back working with us. He approached us about coming back to work at the shop and I did think about giving him a second chance.

“To be honest, I feel sorry for the chap. He’s down on his luck and he’s got nothing. I was seriously considering giving him a second chance but, if it’s going to cause ill feeling in the town, then I don’t think I will.

“He’s not been in touch with any customers and he wouldn’t have been if he had come back permanently.”

Hoskins has now confirmed that the fraudster will not do anymore work for Mobility World.

Frossell, who recently commented that he believes he is innocent, said he felt he deserved another chance but felt he could no longer get it.

He said: “I understand people may be a little concerned but I need a chance to get my life back together. This is all I’ve known for 20 years and Steve said I could do a few repair jobs.

“I deeply regret everything that’s gone on and wish I could back turn the clock. I am a genuine person, believe it or not.

“I’ve had two run-ins with the law in 20 years in thousands of dealing with customers. I feel I’ve paid for what I’ve done but clearly the people of Southport don’t agree.”

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