Uniscan Q&A: Why it pays to know your trends, products and suppliers

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Uniscan has a long tradition of walking frame design and manufacture in the UK spanning over three decades. Sales and marketing director Geoff Morris gives his insight into the sector Uniscan has made its home.

What are the key things to look out for in a walking aid and what makes it successful with end-users?

Mobility products are not like ‘white’ or ‘brown’ goods in that they are not the sort of thing you go window shopping for or ear mark for future purchase. Invariably, the first experience most customers have is when they or a close member of their family suddenly identify the need for a mobility product. Developing and nurturing that first contact can be crucial to developing a long-term relationship with the customer ensuring that you are best placed to provide solutions to their future needs.

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All users are different, but they are all looking for one thing, a walking aid that will provide them with mobility support at a price they can afford. It is therefore quite crucial that the solutions you offer provide for a wide and varied spectrum of user requirements. Quality, durability, manufacturer support, longevity and a proven track record within the industry are excellent markers in identifying good mobility products.

Why is it important for retailers to ensure they work with a good walking aid supplier?

Customer relationships are critical to the ongoing success of any credible mobility retailer and getting that first point of contact right will make all the difference to your ongoing relationship.

Giving the customer a choice enabling them to make an informed decision rather than selling them something that’s not right for them is key. A comprehensive knowledge of walkers available, where to get them and sound, reliable back up from your supplier will provide a great start point in building a successful relationship with your customer.

What kinds of trends do you see moving forward for the walking aid market and the products within it?

The mobility industry has evolved and matured during the last 30 years bringing with it new, innovative products and highly improved monitoring and safety standards. The walking aid market has seen extensive product development during the past thirty years providing users with a huge range of solutions.

There is no doubt that walking aid product development and enhancements will continue apace as user needs adapt to social changes. The trend for improved product quality checks and legislative regulations to protect consumers will also continue. It remains to be seen what effect Brexit will have upon the industry but there can be no doubt it will play its part in shaping the future for us all.

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