Ulcer-prevention mattress ‘proving popular’ across Europe

Rober NoDec Wizard pressure ulcer prevention mattress

Rober has said that its recently launched ulcer-prevention mattress is proving popular in European markets.

The NoDec Wizard, developed by the pressure ulcer specialist, was launched in the UK this year and is now in use in a number of care and intensive care institutions across the UK and Europe.

The NoDec Wizard is a ‘zero pressure’ mattress and is designed to provide pressure injury prevention to critically ill patients who may be immobile or in intensive care. The mattress combines Rober’s alternating pressure cell design with an impressive tilt facility. This action gently turns the patient onto their side, comfortably and correctly.

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As well as reducing pressure on the body, this tilting movement assists with pulmonary function and helps reduce the risk of chest complications in immobile patients. It also cuts down the need for manual handling.

“There is a growing demand for so-called turning mattresses and our NoDec Wizard has been able to successfully plug this gap in the market. The problem with the traditional turning mattresses is they often cause skin damage to the patient because they don’t have the dynamic function that prevents pressure wounds. Our mattress combines the two and I am delighted that it has proved so popular across Europe,” explained Mike Hutson, Rober’s CEO.

Patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) are the most at risk of developing pressure ulcers. This high risk starts from the first day of their hospital stay. Critically ill patients are often confined to their bed for long periods, either sedated or receiving mechanical ventilation.

Pressure ulcers result from prolonged pressure on bony prominences such as the heels, spine, buttocks and hips. As critically ill patients are unable to turn themselves, caregivers need to reposition them in bed. If this is not done correctly even this action can cause friction and shearing – again leading to the development of pressure ulcers.

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