Two serious scooter incidents spark renewed calls for compulsory cover

Two families are calling for stricter laws and compulsory insurance on mobility scooters after separate incidents on opposite sides of the country saw two pensioners badly injured.

CCTV in Plymouth city centre showed 87-year-old Olive Harris be struck by a scooter user, who her grandson said had ‘not being paying attention’.

She broke her arm in three places and fractured her wrist and is expected to be in hospital for the next four months.

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Grandson Tom Roden told the Metro that Ms Harris was “taken off her feet as the scooter hit her”. After a three hour wait for an ambulance she was taken to hospital.

Mr Roden wants the law to change and see mobility scooters carry identification, have insurance and be properly trained.

He added: “The regulation will have to change, a good thing to come out of this will be if laws around mobility scooters are tightened up.”

In a separate incident on Tuesday, 74-year-old Majorie Johnson was struck by a scooter in Jarrow while using a pedestrian crossing.

Ms Johnson damaged her left leg and is expected to have limited mobility for at least 10 weeks.

She contacted a helpline following the collision but could not be helped as the scooter user was uninsured.

Ms Johnson and her family have called for all users to be insured before using roads and told a local newspaper that they are angry that nothing could be done following the incident.

She told The Shields Gazette: “I don’t think it’s fair. We feel they should have to be insured and should take responsibility for their actions.

“It’s so annoying to think that people can do this and get away with it.

“I know not all of them are irresponsible, but it’s about time they were insured. We have often said there would be an accident, but little did I think it would be me.”

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