Trustpilot-style accessibility app puts out call for backing from community


The developers of Access Rating, a new app branded “Trustpilot for the disabled traveller”, have put out a call for the disabled community to get behind it to ensure its success.

The app, which has been running on a trial basis across Leicestershire since February with hopes of going UK-wide, allows users to rate an establishment based on its accessibility to disabled visitors.

A statement from the Leicestershire entrepreneurs behind the app said: “The aim is for the app to create a real-life, real-time knowledge bank for disabled users by disabled users – and to, ultimately, make life easier, as the more users get involved and post their reviews, the more that knowledge multiplies, for the greater good.”

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All with their own personal mobility needs, Mark Esho – an award winning entrepreneur and number one ranking author – Richard Copson and Jignesh Vaidya are the developers behind Access Rating.

Speaking about their own reasons for developing Access Rating, Copson said: “My main motivation for us to launch was my experience of working with teenagers at a local disability school. They often have exceptionally low expectations due to so many barriers in their way. I felt a sense of responsibility to help build a better future for young people and my disabled friends.”

The developers hope that disabled residents across Leicestershire – and eventually the country – will get behind the app and review businesses they visit so that the app can reach its full potential.

Read more about Access Rating’s inception below:

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