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The thinking behind the development of the Trio+ homelift was always to deliver a life-changing mobility solution around the home.

Stiltz is committed to providing stylish yet fully functional products as they strongly believe old age or disability should not preclude individuals from owning attractive items.

These will help them feel more positive about themselves and will also provide them with the best possible quality of life.

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The Trio+ homelift is the perfect product for Stiltz to begin developing a relationship with the UK mobility dealer network. It’s a product that is so different to anything else on the market that it creates an immediate buzz.

Furthermore, because the Stiltz range of homelifts appeals to a younger audience than other through-floor lifts or stairlifts; a mobility dealer can start to have a dialogue with customers while in their 50s or 60s instead of waiting a decade or two later.

Profitability is another reason why more and more dealers are committing to the 3-tier dealer referral programme at Stiltz.

Dealers who sell a Stiltz home lift can make up to 20 times the profit they make from selling a stairlift. Even those dealers who want to start off on the lowest programme tier and work on a straightforward referral fee, find Stiltz refreshingly open to work with.

With an ever-growing range of in-store point of sale assets available free of charge, marketing advice at the end of the phone line and a dedicated Business Development Manager available, it’s not surprising that dealers are signing up in their droves to the Dealer Referral Programme.

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