Training for retailers and suppliers is ‘best way to cut scooter accidents’, says safety group

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has indicated that mobility scooter manufacturers, retailers and users should all be offered better access to quality guidance and training on the equipment.

Speaking in the wake of newly revealed data showing a large number of incidents in Cumbria involving scooters in the last few years, the group said that the best way to prevent mobility scooter accidents is to improve the quality and availability of guidance and training.

Nick Lloyd, road safety manager at RoSPA, explained that the number of accidents involving mobility scooters nationwide is increasing every year.

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“The number of accidents and casualties involving mobility scooters has only been recorded (for a few years) but these figures indicate that they are increasing which is very worrying,” he told the Times and Star.

Mr Lloyd added:”We don’t believe that extensive new regulations are needed but it would help if it was made clear that road traffic laws governing careless and dangerous driving; driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and using a mobile telephone while driving apply to mobility scooter users.”

The comments come as new information uncovered by freedom of information laws show that there have been a total of 54 separate ‘highways disruptions’ in the last five years in the locality.

The data also reveals scooters have been involved in a number of serious accidents with five people having been knocked over.

Cumbrian Police have advised that scooter users should consider adding reflective strips to their mobility scooter.

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