Touch-free wireless hand sanitiser hits the high street

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As non-essential shops in England opened their doors for the first time this week, touch-free wireless hand sanitiser hit the high street.

The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk produced by chemical distribution company Chemtra Limited is designed for entrances to stores in order to help protect staff and customers as shoppers adjust to the ‘new normal’ high street.

As well as getting used to having to queue to go into shops and maintaining social distancing, navigate around one-way systems in aisles, be presented with staff by protective screens at tills, many retailers are also adding hand sanitiser kiosks too.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends regular hand washing using soap or hand sanitiser to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, said: “As lockdown restrictions are further eased in the UK and more non-essential shops and businesses started opening from today the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Kiosk has been launched to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by making the high street safe.

“Thanks to the practical pedal-operated system, employees and customers are totally safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser.”

Adding: “The Igieniko dispenser is first hand sanitizer kiosk in the UK to be able to offer this technology and we are very proud to be playing a role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. It is suitable for many types of environments and benefits larger areas where people congregate such as shopping centres, train stations and airports.”

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