TinyTrax partners with Peppa Pig to give disabled children ‘right to play’

Peppa Pig wheelchair

TinyTrax has teamed up with Peppa Pig to create a range of branded wheelchairs for children.

Wheelchair designer and CEO Simon Halsey announced the partnership as he sets out to emphasise children’s ‘right to play’ as fundamental to their health and wellbeing.

Five year-old Sienna Richards, who was born prematurely and now lives with cerebral palsy, was among the first children to receive the Peppa Pig themed chair.

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Her mother Angela said: “Tinytrax has given Sienna a chance for independence that she’s never had before. She can race around with her peers and play with her sister, without relying on us or an adult to push her.”

TinyTrax has described Peppa Pig as being one of the most celebrated characters amongst children, with a strong influence to instil positive behavioural change, especially among those within the disabled community.

But with many services now closed due to Coronavirus, many families are struggling to get the support they need to keep their children entertained and embrace the adventures of outdoors.

Halsey commented: “Play is essential for children as it helps in developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. It allows children to conquer their fears and master the world.

“Our chairs are revolutionising children’s mobility, giving them a ‘no barriers’ approach to life while providing them an opportunity to express themselves. Parents of able-bodied children can get any kind of branded merchandise – a Peppa Pig bicycle for instance – why shouldn’t parents of disabled children have that same opportunity?”

TinyTrax uses a lightweight design to create wheelchairs for children aged between two and 10, making them easy to transport in a family car.

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