Thousands of disabled people lose PIP for missing assessments

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More than 4,000 people were stripped of their Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefits last year because they missed their assessments.

Ministers revealed that the benefit payments were cut off even though they had “good reason” for not attending assessments.

PIP helps disabled people to fund independent living and is often used to purchase equipment. Claimants must undergo a controversial assessment process before receiving payments.

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Repayments will be made to the claimants who will also receive back pay.

Over a year ago judges ruled what constituted a “good reason” for missing a PIP assessment and now DWP minister, Sarah Newton, has written to Parliament revealing the number of people impacted by the ruling.

She wrote in a statement: “The decision states that in these instances claimants’ DLA awards should be reinstated, until a final decision on their PIP claim, and back paid, as necessary.

“The department has been working at pace and taking the necessary steps required to implement the ruling. All claimants who benefit from the Upper Tribunal decision will be notified.”

The PIP assessment process has come under significant scrutiny in the last couple of years with the contracted firms being criticised for providing an ‘inadequate’ service.

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