“This level of brand recognition is almost unheard of in the mobility sector”


Surrey dealer Wheelfreedom said that Efoldi travel scooters and power chairs are proving to be one of its hottest-selling product ranges thanks to growing awareness of the brand in the UK market.

Efoldi scooters and portable power chair are among the lightest in the world and can fit into a small car boot. They also meet cabin baggage weight restrictions for users travelling abroad.

Wheelfreedom founder and director, Giles Donald, said customers are now visiting its Chessington-based showroom and specifically asking to try the Efoldi.

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“This demonstrates a level of brand recognition that’s almost unheard of in the mobility sector,” he said. “We’re really excited by the level of unit sales so far. I’m feeling confident we’ll see even greater levels of demand, particularly as travel restrictions continue to relax”.

Donald feels the popularity is partly due to the inspiring story of its creator. When designer and inventor, Jianmin Wang, lost his mobility in a workplace accident, he couldn’t find a mobility scooter that was easy to use, safe, and comfortable – but also lightweight and portable.

Undeterred, he set about inventing his own, winning the backing of Richard Branson and ‘The British Invention of the Year’ award in the process.

Despite being so light itself, the Efoldi range has a 19 stone weight limit and features a road-legal model.

Giles credits Efoldi’s marketing strategy with creating pull-through for local retailers.

“Many other mobility product manufacturers choose to rely solely on retail partners to market their products for them at a local or regional level. So, from our point of view, it’s great to have people coming in who are excited to try out an Efoldi product.”

Wheelfreedom implements a strict ‘no commission’ policy for its entire team, meaning staff adopt a totally impartial approach to ensure that the product offering matches the exact needs of the customer.

Giles said that the success of the business has been built on a customer-centric approach. During lockdown, for example, it kept running its vital repair service.

“It would’ve made financial sense to close and furlough staff, but our customers rely on their equipment even just to get around their homes, so we felt a sense of duty in maintaining it for them during such a difficult time”. 

“As always, customers will remain front and centre of everything we do at Wheelfreedom. Thankfully, with the vaccination programme starting to have a positive impact, we are starting to see people visiting us once again, seeking to enjoy the freedom that our mobility solutions can provide.”

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