Thieves steal disabled Dorchester man’s mobility scooter


Thieves in Dorchester have stolen a disabled man’s mobility scooter.

After doing so, they stripped it for parts and dumped the remains of it in a nearby alleyway.

A report by the Dorset Echo detailed how the victim, Michael McBryde, says he has been left feeling ‘angry and saddened’ after his mobility scooter, which he depends on to get around, was stolen from outside his home.

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The report outlines how the scooter had been parked up against his house in his front garden and covered in heavy tarpaulin and secured with straps.

He reported the incident to police and then found the remains of it just 300 yards away from where it had been taken later that day.

McBryde has put in an insurance claim but he has been told the damage caused to the mobility scooter is in the region of £1,800.

He told the Dorset Echo: “My mobility scooter was stolen. It has been found but has been stripped of its wheels, battery and wing mirror. The scooter was only two months old. It’s my form of independence. People don’t tend to care anymore, it’s sad that people would do something like this.”

He added: “I’m without a mobility scooter until I can replace it. I’ll have to wait to see if the insurance company will pay. I’m angry and saddened, I just wish I could get hold of whoever has done this.”

McBryde said he has been in touch with Dorchester Mobility, where he purchased the mobility scooter, and was told the damage would cost £1,800 to fix.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “Enquiries are underway. No arrests have been made.”

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