The Bill actress partners with London mobility firm to promote back pain solution

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Actress Trudie Goodwin has teamed up with London-based Fortuna Mobility to promote The Bambach Saddle Seat, a new solution designed to relieve back pain.

Goodwin, who starred as Sergeant June Ackland in the police drama The Bill for 23 years, and recently appeared in 5Star’s new prison drama Clink, has experienced back pain in the past.

She said she now uses the Bambach seat daily to help her avoid future back issues and retain good posture.

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“A few years ago I had a bulging disc in my back which took around six months to heal. Since then I’ve tried to take care of my back by doing strengthening exercises, and I’m keen to avoid future problems. After a busy day it’s easy to flop down on a chair and not think about the effect it is having on my back. But from the moment I started using the Bambach seat I could feel that it was helping me,” she added.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is designed to keep the body’s centre of gravity directly above the sitting bones, thus maintaining the spine’s natural ‘S’ shape and preventing musculoskeletal problems.

“When I sit on the Bambach my spine feels like it’s in a natural position, and overall my back feels supported,” said Goodwin.

“I can feel that the seat is helping my posture and I’ve also noticed that my feet and legs feel stronger. It’s difficult to slump while sitting on it -which is good -but it’s very comfortable. I’m going to continue using my Bambach daily in an effort to keep my back in good shape, and I hope other people will try one. We only have one back, so it’s important to look after it.”

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