TGA brings new Class 3 scooter to mobility market


TGA, a leading supplier of mobility scooters to the trade, will be unveiling its IBex mobility scooter at Naidex alongside four other new products.

The IBex is an 8mph scooter with advanced styling, suspension and technology. It has been designed with quality and reliability in mind and has a range of new features for enhanced comfort, safety and stability.

The Ibex, designed to be strong and agile, will be unveiled for the first time to dealers at Naidex alongside the new TGA Maximo Plus, Minimo Plus 4, Zest and Zest Plus mobility scooters.

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This multiple product launch is the largest ever by TGA and will aim to ensure dealers can provide a wider range of quality products that meet more diverse customer needs. With its fully adjustable and reclining orthopaedic seat, the IBex is a large scooter that hopes to deliver a superior driving experience in urban and rural areas.

The IBex features a streamlined tiller and control panel. The controls have been designed to be intuitive with soft touch buttons that require minimal pressure – assisting owners with reduced dexterity, arthritis and stroke. The layout is simple and quick to understand so steering and control is improved. The battery gauge is sharp and clear with greater precision so owners can more accurately assess their remaining range.

The LED lights on the IBex mean owners have clearer vision when driving in limited light and are more visible to other road users. These safety levels are enhanced by new day running lights positioned on the side of the chassis so the IBex can be seen from all directions.

These smart lights use minimal energy so can be used during the day for added reassurance and without draining the battery. From a lifestyle point of view, the IBex includes a USB socket and pocket so electrical devices such as mobile phones can be charged whilst driving.

As a Class 3 scooter the IBex can be used on the road thanks to its rear mirror, horn and indicators. The indicators are visible from 360 degrees and synchronise with clearly audible beepers for greater safety.

If off-road tracks and trails are encountered the IBex still provides smooth stability through its motorcycle suspension, the supplier said. Its active front suspension and rear mono shock absorber means drivers weighing up to 135kg (21 stone) can drive in comfort with a range of up to 40km (25 miles). The air-filled tyres can be pre-injected with TGA’s puncture sealant so the risk of experiencing a flat can be avoided.

Daniel Stone, TGA managing director, concluded: “The nature of independent mobility is changing; this is why we are supporting our valued dealers with five new products this Spring. A more diverse range of people, of all ages and abilities, are coming into dealerships looking for a quality, reliable scooter that is modern in looks and capable of delivering independence in diverse locations – this is where the sleek IBex excels. It is a high performing, technologically advanced 8mph scooter that is suitable for young and mature alike – we feel confident it will deliver impressive results for our dealers.”

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