Telecare firm calls on dealers to look at latest living aid launch

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Telecare provider Amplicomms has launched a new independent living solution which it hopes will prove popular with elderly and disabled people and their families looking for peace of mind.

The company’s new BigTel 50 Alarm Plus aims to be an affordable telecare solution that allows the user to quickly and easily raise help in an emergency.

If a user feels unwell, or has fallen but is conscious, the BigTel 50 comes with a water resistant SOS transmitter, in the form of a pendant, which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist.

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The phone operates like any other landline with the benefit of an emergency pendant alarm that is remotely and wirelessly connected to the telephone. When the user pushes the button on their pendant, a red light appears to confirm it is calling three pre-programmed numbers of their chosen relatives or emergency service.

When the call is answered BigTel 50 Plus plays a pre-recorded alert message switching to hands free mode so a remote conversation can take place in case of a fall.

Additionally, for people with hearing loss the BigTel 50 Plus has extra loud calls of +40dB, a loud adjustable ring tone and flashing lights for call alerts.  The hearing aid compatibility means the phone won’t cause interference to hearing aids. There is also a tone control so the sound can adjusted to suit.

The big button keypad features large fonts for easy reading so the user can easily hit the correct buttons. The keypad is voice assisted by a clear voice confirming which numbers are pressed and the large backlit display helps identify names and numbers.

Commenting on the launch of the system, Ran Meyrav, European sales director for amplicomms, said: “This is a great solution for people who want to live independently providing support for those with hearing and vision loss as well as the elderly and disabled without the hefty fees of service contracts and call centres. This latest model adds to our current product line of telecare including mobile phones.”

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