Survey reveals concern over elderly mobility as COVID-19 recedes

A sick elderly staying at a hospital

A new survey has revealed significant concern about the mobility of elderly people as COVID-19 recedes.

The findings by computer vision monitoring technology specialist, Kepler Vision Technologies, show that four in ten respondents (41%) were concerned their parent’s fitness and mobility had decreased during lockdown.

The survey also found that just under half of respondents (46%) were worried about their parents falling alone and not being able to get up or get help.

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Dr Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, said: “With fears about COVID beginning to recede, those with older relatives are rightly concerned with the more common problems faced by the elderly both in care and while living alone.

“Issues such as loneliness and falling over are both exacerbated by the ongoing staffing crisis in the care industry and, with no new influx of care staff on the horizon, the children of elderly parents should be looking for solutions that provide them with the best possible care and dignity in their old age.” 

Kepler Vision’s Night Nurse solution is designed to alert relevant staff or carers immediately to elderly people that have experienced a fall, ensuring that they get assistance within minutes not hours, reducing the chances of further injury and health complications. 

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