Support staff for people with learning disabilities need more testing, demands Scottish councillor


West Tweeddale councillor Heather Anderson has advised that coronavirus testing needs to be made more readily available to staff that support people with learning disabilities.

This was reported by the Border Telegraph, which quoted Anderson as saying: “Support staff and care staff who support people with learning difficulties at home should have easy access to routine testing because it is a group we are not monitoring closely at the moment.”

This was said at a full local council meeting late last month.

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The Border Telegraph reported that Tom Weatherston, executive member for adult wellbeing, responded that adults with learning difficulties and their carers were offered the same testing as the rest of the Scottish population.

This follows a government study that revealed that those with learning disabilities could be over six times as likely to die of COVID-19 than the general population.

A palliative care expert also spoke out around the same time, saying that those with learning disabilities have been “failed” by the UK’s healthcare system during the pandemic.

Read more below about the UK Government’s study on Covid-19 death rates among people with learning disabilities:

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