Supplier revisits design of luxury rise and recline chair

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A specialist furniture supplier is set to launch a newly designed version of its Arene rise and recline chair, which is designed with luxury in mind.

Innova Care Concepts’ Arene Mk II aims to cater for palliative care and building on the original model Innova has made “significant improvements” to make the chair more patient-centred.     

The company expects that the Arene Mk II will have even more success as care environment look to deliver more personalised care.

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Joe Hulbert, sales director at Innova, said that it has considered the opinions and concerns of over 180 hospices during the design of the new chair.

“Nurses have always loved the Arene because of how easy it is to use, and we wanted to take it one step further this time with the Arene Mk II. Rather than just focussing on the patient’s clinical needs, we’ve looked at ways to improve their quality of life in terms of recreationally. With optional reading lights, tablet holders, and USB charging ports, the new model really does enhance the patient’s experience, even in end of life care.”

Innova’s design team have also focused on improving the Arene for nurses and caregivers as well. They included features like improved handbrakes on the back of the chair, as well as streamlined armrests and wings so that the chair can fit through narrow doorways with no problem.

The option to include a sensor mat in the seat cushion also helps nurses deliver improved care, as they can be made aware that a patient has stood up without even being in the room. This will also help to prevent falls and other injuries that can be particularly costly to care environments.

Innova’s CEO, Tom Hulbert, said: “We revisited the design of the Arene because it’s one of our most popular products, and we wanted to make sure that it was offering just as much to patients as it was to caregivers. All of these new features and fixings are great additions, not just because they make the Arene Mk II state-of-the-art, but because they’re little, innovative steps that will enhance quality of life.

“At Innova, we’re constantly looking at ways to push boundaries and make caring for people easier. This new development marks a new chapter for us, where we really dive into all the different ways that we can ensure comfort and convenience for patients as well. Whether it’s for end of life care or rehabilitation, I’m confident that the Arene Mk II will become the new standard of rise and recline chair in care environments.”

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