Supplier pounces on gap in the market to help mobility dealers differentiate

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A company that recently launched in the UK believes the fact there is no similar product in the home market to the kit it offers will see it take off among dealers.

TriLift’s new product allows mobility scooter and wheelchair users to transport their device on the back of a car.

It attaches to any vehicle with a tow bar and lifts mobility equipment onto the back of a car at the push of a button, without the need for straps or fastenings.

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Crucially, because the scooter sits outside the car as a bike would on a bike rack, TriLift does not take up any boot or back seat space.

Ray Lartey, managing director at TriLift, says that currently the product has no competition, making it a unique opportunity for mobility retailers.

It was invented after he noticed a gap in the market for anything similar. He explains that dealers are already competing fiercely with mobility scooters and reclining chairs.

“This is a totally new product where there is no competition whatsoever so if a dealer wants to take advantage and become a distributor they have that whole area to themselves. It gives them another stream of revenue.”

Lartey, who runs the business alongside his brother, says that dealer partners will benefit from national advertising campaigns on their behalf which will promote the product among end-users.

TriLift will offer partners technical support and train them in fitting the lift in addition to providing POS material.

He expects Trilift to “take off” given how it has been performing since it launched in the UK in March.

His goal is that one day everyone who owns a mobility scooter in the UK will want to purchase a TriLift.

Its small size and weight means it is compatible with most cars in the UK and does not affect the safe and legal operation of the car.

“After noticing a gap in the market for effective, scooter transportation, we put our minds together to create a solution that gives users an alternative to conventional power lifts.

“The beauty of this USP is that you do not lose the space in your boot and you do not lose the back seats. With the other solutions available in this country you lose one of those.

“We want to give freedom and flexibility back to individuals with additional needs or those with reduced mobility.

“So often these people are unable to go about their daily life, such as attending social events or experiencing new places because it’s so difficult to transport their mobility scooter or wheelchair.

“While mobility scooters and wheelchairs allow those with limited mobility to get around more easily – location wise it’s often only where their mobility transport can take them.

“The TriLift gives users back their independence, autonomy and choice.”

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