Supermarket worker fundraiser secures new mobility scooter

A fundraiser organised by a Tesco worker has helped a local resident regain access to a mobility scooter, thus regaining her independence.

Gina, the local Teddington resident in South West London, had her mobility scooter taken away from her in March after a ruling from the DWP.

A report from the Richmond and Twickenham Times explained how she almost became housebound because of it.

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The local news outlet went on to detail how Gina has a chronic lung condition and Spina bifida, is only 3 feet 5 inches tall and her left leg is 6 inches shorter than her right.

With little instruction on how to get the scooter back, her only option was to appeal which could take up to 6 months.

However, Meredydd Carney, a worker in the local Tesco, had gotten to know Gina throughout the pandemic and put together a digital fundraiser to help raise the funds needed.

Over £4,000 has been raised within two weeks and has allowed Gina to buy a new mobility scooter as well as a new sofa and chair.

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