Sunrise surges ahead of rival suppliers in key online battle

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Sunrise Medical is well ahead of its main rivals in the battle for social media dominance but some of the UK’s other major equipment suppliers are trailing behind their competitors.

The manufacturer’s subsidiary brands, Quickie and RGK, have accumulated 190,000 Facebook likes between them while parent company Sunrise has around 100,000. Quickie, RGK and Sunrise are all ranked 4th, 5th and 6th, respectively, in AMP‘s top 20 list for the most Twitter followers.

Those are the findings of new data compiled by AMP showing the social media following for the firms generally regarded as the main mobility equipment suppliers in the UK market.

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Invacare, one of the largest mobility suppliers in the UK, also has an extensive Facebook reach with nearly 11,000 likes and replicates its reach on Twitter. Recent research however revealed that among end-users Facebook is far more popular with end-users than any other social media channel when they are looking to buy equipment.

TGA is one of the most active mobility suppliers on social media, having posted well over 22,000 tweets to date. Ottobock UK is also highly effective at engaging with consumers online.

Some major manufacturers meanwhile have slipped behind the likes of Sunrise and Invacare on social media. Electric Mobility and Pride Mobility rank 19th and 20thon Twitter.

For some manufacturers selling via dealer channels social media reach is not regarded as highly as those selling directly to end-users. But the data does indicate an awareness of companies and products among end-users, which is an important factor and relevant when it comes to retail.

These lists have been made from the companies generally regarded as some of the industry’s most well-known suppliers with the most Facebook and Twitter followers. But if you feel you should have been on this list, do let us know!

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