Sunrise salsas into the New Year with retail promotion for dealers


Sunrise Medical is heading into the new decade with a retail promotion for its dealers.

The company’s Salsa M2 Mini was popular from the time it was launched in 2016, but it will soon be replaced by its successor, the Q300M.

However, before it bows out, Sunrise is keen to give it one last hurrah.

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Some things are not just for Christmas:

In celebrating the ‘last dance of the Salsa M2 Mini,’ Sunrise says: “As a special gift from us to our end users and to help our esteemed dealers with promotion through what is typically a quiet period, we have launched a very exciting promotion.”

The company has set out its offering, available throughout January and February, to make its Lift & Tilt option free when it usually retails at £1888. Sunrise was keen to outline how the promotion has been designed for both retail sales and Motability, and set out how:

Free Lift & Tilt on every Salsa M2 Mini:

End users must fill out the voucher with their details and must send it with the order. If they complete a Salsa M2 Mini Prescription on Sunrise’s eSHOP, put Promo Code XMAS19 into the comments box to reduce the PO value by the cost of the lift & Tilt (£1,888). Valid to 1st March 2020.

For Motability Orders:

Use Spec Code 713560 for the Salsa M2 Mini Fixed Tilt. This is available with a weekly rental of £44.87, when this product is ordered Sunrise will upgrade the chair to Lift & Tilt for Free. Usual weekly rental £52.94, which means the end user will save £8.07 per week and a total of £1,258.92 over the 3 year Motability term. Apply with Motability as product 713560 Salsa M2 Mini Fixed Tilt Order product by signing up on the company website and registering using the sign up form. A voucher will be emailed to the email address provided.

What is Sunrise doing do to help promote this campaign?

In conversation with AMP, Sunrise said: “We are kick starting a whole marketing campaign to raise awareness of our promotion throughout December and through till March. If you would like to have a look at our marketing plan and the materials we have to promote our special offer then please contact our marketing department.”

Adding: “We have a whole host of materials including E-Shots, facebook posts, web banners and landing pages. We are happy to customers these marketing materials for you to put onto your website, email and social media. Our material can also be used to post out to your client database or have hard copy flyers in your stores. Take a look at the featured examples.

Sunrise Medical recently sponsored the AMP Award for industry innovation, recognising mobility retail.

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