Sunrise revamps product configurator to make orders smoother for dealers

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Sunrise Medical’s latest powerchair launch has been accompanied by a new product configurator system which has been designed to make the process easier and quicker for mobility dealers.

The new order form claims to be more logical, has live pricing, does not require cross-referencing and makes managing non-conformities and specification clashes simpler.

Dealers can also convert their order into a PDF which is able to display the quoted retail price for the end-user, which is designed to make the process easier and quicker.

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Sunrise’s new configurator comes as it upgrades some of the company’s systems which is nearing completion now, which should mean no more disruption for retail partners.

Eventually, the new online system will aim to be a one-stop-shop for everything dealers might need from Sunrise and allow retailers to get spare parts, manage orders and access media.

The company’s new software launch is part of Sunrise’s drive to push an entry-level powerchair which aims to fill a gap in its product portfolio for a model that pleases dealers as much as end-users.

The Quickie Salsa Q100 comes into the market at a time when the company is readjusting itself to cut lead times and make ordering processes easier for dealer partners.

The Q100 is primarily designed to be cost-effective for both customers and dealers but it also aims to be easy-to-prescribe and retailers will have access to spare parts with a short lead time.

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