Sunrise moves quickly to improve Salsa powerchair design

Sunrise Salsa M2 swing mount

Sunrise Medical, a leading supplier of mobility solutions, has been quick to act making technical improvements to its Salsa M2 and Salsa M2 Mini powerchairs following market surveillance.

The company has now added a washer and friction pad to the swing away mount on the powerchairs. This means that the bolt is now fastened against a non-moving part. This ensures that the bolt does not move when the swing away mount is used and in turn will not become loose.

The changes come after the company said it received reports that the swing away mount on the Salsa M2 and Salsa M2 Mini has become loose over time on a number of chairs in the field.

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The design of the swing away mount has also been improved to overcome the challenge.

Since last month, the new swing mount solution has been effective on the Salsa M2 powerchairs Sunrise supplies.

For chairs currently in the field this new solution can be fitted by contacting the group’s technical arm and ordering part number 21504015. These will be supplied free of charge for chairs in the field.

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