Sunrise Medical sheds light on its next-gen of lightweight manual wheelchairs


Sunrise Medical has introduced the QUICKIE Nitrum, its next generation in lightweight manual wheelchairs.

The Nitrum introduces a series of incremental improvements to the QUICKIE Helium which deliver a step change in rolling performance whilst maintaining the 5.2kg market leading carry weight.

Improved rolling performance

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The manufacturer explained how the Nitrum provides the most energy efficient chair in its class by addressing the four key areas:

•             Weight – The lightest adjustable aluminium chair on the market at just 5.2kg lifting weight

•             Rigidity – New backrest mechanism and hollow-forged castor housing maximises your pushing energy into propulsion rather than being lost on the flex of the frame

•             Personalisation – Every wheelchair performs better when it fits perfectly to your measurements and centre of gravity. The Nitrum has 2,880 different frame options to enable a made-to-measure feel, maximising your capability.

•             Fine tuning – Our Nitrum castor technology enables precise angle and height adjustment, allowing for better forward motion, stability and tailored performance.

Innovative interactive lifestyle options

One of the areas users wanted Sunrise to address was the difficulty of folding the backrest with its traditional pull cord.

With this in mind, the Nitrum offers a unique and innovative twist-lock backrest, designed to make folding a backrest easier than ever, maintaining the sleek design of the Nitrum. 

With integrated LED lights users can ride at night without getting caught in cracks of the pavement while not compromising the stylish and modern look of the Nitrum.

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