Study reveals most accessible Premier League clubs

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Age UK Mobility has published a list revealing which Premier League teams are the most and least accessible for disabled supporters.

The research analysed the accessibility of Premier League stadiums and how clubs tailor their offerings towards their disabled supporters and visitors with mobility issues who may need to use aids such as stairlifts or walking aids.

Comparing the accessibility features of each stadium, along with Trip Advisor ratings, the list shows how clubs perform in relation to one another.

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The list was produced in September but was updated this week to include wheelchair spaces within the stadiums. The number doesn’t include ambulant disabled spaces or personal assistant seats.

The organisation said the findings show that some of the most popular teams with the most expensive stadiums don’t rank as high on the table as some of the smaller teams who have smaller stadiums.

Brighton and Hove Albion topped the table above teams with larger support including Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

The top three places are all occupied by teams outside of the so-called ‘big six’ in the Premier League.

Brighton and Hove Albion, Southampton and Watford, who only got promoted to the Premier League this season, ranked highly for all of the disability factors taken into account and scored 4.5/5 on Trip Advisor.

Brighton and Leicester City also had a larger percentage of wheelchair spaces in their stadium than the other teams in the league.

The research noted that even the ‘least accessible’ sides were still “very accessible” for fans with mobility problems.

Burnley ranks as the least accessible stadium in the league as it does not offer an assistive hearing system, audio descriptive commentary or a sensory suite.

Manchester United is in 19th place despite having the largest stadium in the Premier League. It has a 74,000 capacity but only 0.22% of these are wheelchair-friendly.

Many of the bottom-ranked teams didn’t rank ‘yes’ for all of the disability factors or only scored 4/5 on Trip Advisor.

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