STEPS launches Fourier Intelligence rehabilitation hub

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STEPS rehabilitation, a specialist facility that delivers intensive rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, strokes and complex trauma injuries, has announced the launch of its STEPS RehabHub.

Already known for its holistic approach to rehabilitation care, the pioneering facility in Sheffield has teamed up with tech innovators in Singapore and Switzerland to become the first place in the UK to provide clients with access to world-class robotic and virtual reality technology.

The RehabHub is developed by Singapore-based technology company, Fourier Intelligence, who combine the expertise and experience of researchers, therapists, and patients to develop new robotic solutions to support the rehabilitation process and lives of patients.

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“We’re offering this new tech in conjunction with Thor Assistive Technologies” reveals Business Development Director, Jules Leahy.

“We’ve been working with the founder, Stephen Ruffle, for a while now with ReWalk Exoskeleton, and we know just how much clients can progress with the assistance of the right technology.

“The RehabHub is a suite of rehab technology which focus on both upper and lower limb robotic therapy, as well as cognitive feedback and training, providing a complete solution for neurorehabilitation” explains Stephen.

“The unique and innovative ‘Force Feedback’ technology creates an immersive game environment which facilitates highly effective rehabilitation. Use of the technology naturally encourages repetition and intensity which improves client engagement and outcomes.

“As the devices are all linked, it enables client-against-client gaming competition, which enhances motivation and stamina. The technology also provides therapists and clients with performance feedback which tracks client progress and helps shape individual rehabilitation programmes.”

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