Stanley Handling bolsters training and support for dealer partners

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Stanley Handling has increased the level of support it offers dealers and operators of its mobility range and reiterated the importance of the training programmes it is investing heavily in.

It now offers its customers a comprehensive service which incorporates training, maintenance and finance. Considering its distributor and consumer channels, it has designed a range of packages to suit each individual customer.

The firm, which offers a range of stairclimbing solutions, believes that confidence is the main attributer for using its machines correctly and efficiently, making its training programmes essential.

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With health and safety paramount when it comes to its solutions, Stanley’s decision to invest in video, educational talks and training programmes hopes to inform others of the next generation of mobility solutions and their safe operation.

Emma Parkins, marketing manager, said: “We ensure operators are fully informed on how to use the products, giving them enough time to practise. Once completed operators will receive a certification from Stanley for their attendance.”

“Stanley know first-hand that the product is only as good as the support you give to the customer. Whether it’s purchase, lease or hire, for a small fee each month these solutions provide a safe and compliant alternative to traditional lifting options. And backed by our experienced Service and Parts team, customers can rest assure that if a problem did arise we are only a phone call away to fix it.”

The company’s range of wheelchair stairclimbers aim to provide” the ultimate mobility solution for fire evacuations, lift failures and stair climbing applications”.

Parkins continued: “For instance, workplaces and care homes opt for lifts, large ramps and manual evacuation chairs for transporting disabled users up and down stairs, but out of these options which are the most safe, reliable and cost effective? And how practical are they in times of an emergency?”

“As detailed in the Equality Act (2010) places of employment, schools, clubs, shops and public buildings must provide adequate access and egress facilities for all persons with disabilities who may enter or exit a building.”

Stanley offers two stairclimbing solutions with different capabilities. The Tolo is a purpose-built machine used for transporting users up and down stairs. It has a unique drive system that allows users to overcome architectural barriers. The seat is fully equipped with foldable armrests, headrest and adjustable footrest; however, these can be tailored to the user for a more bespoke solution.

Another offering is the Jolly stairclimber, this machine allows traditional wheelchair types to be secured onto its metal frame. Once attached, the operator uses a tracking motion to transport persons up and down stairs within their own wheelchair. This model can also be easily dismantled to fold into the boot of a car or kept neatly away to utilise storage space.

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