Stairlift install process ‘reduced four fold’ by new software, claims manufacturer

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The stairlift division of global manufacturing firm, thyssenkrupp, is rolling out a new piece of computer software it claims can reduce a stairlift’s entire installation process by up to four times.

thyssenkrupp Elevator’s new software allows for the period between the initial measurement and final delivery and installation of a stairlift to be reduced “significantly”.

The software, called HoloLinc, is a combination of Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality and a cloud-based configurator developed in partnership with Microsoft and specialist IT firm Zühlke.

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It can take between 50 to 70 days to measure, configure, produce and install a stairlift currently, according to thyssenkrupp. It claims HoloLinc means the process can be completed within 14 days.

Installers using HoloLinc can now measure a staircase and instantly send the date to the cloud, so that the best solution can be configured for the customer on the first visit.

Customers can see what the stairlift will look like in their own home, and customise it to their individual needs, safe in the knowledge that all spatial challenges and ergonomics are accounted for.

Following a successful pilot in the Netherlands that has resulted in more than 300 installations to date, the technology is being rolled out in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France, with Norway and Japan to follow next year.

The news comes as thyssenkrupp projected that its global stairlift sales will double to hit £1.2bn in the next five years.

Managing director of home solutions, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp UK, Andrew Warbrick, said: “A groundbreaking solution like HoloLinc has numerous advantages for customers.

“They can look into the ‘crystal ball’ to see their new mobility solution before it’s even produced.

“More importantly, they can make an educated buying decision without enduring weeks of discussions – and they enjoy much more peace of mind because they know that they will be fully mobile in their home in just a fortnight.”

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