Stairlift adverts aimed at over-65s seen as ‘patronising’, new survey finds

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Adverts promoting products such as stairlifts and orthopaedic shoes to the over-65s are seen as ‘patronising’ and ‘offensive’ by many Londoners, a new survey has found.

According to research conducted by Parsley Box, 56% of those questioned said they found such advertisements ‘patronising’, while almost six out of ten London baby boomers said they were ‘offended’ by the promotions of such items.

Only one Londoner in ten over the age of 65 said they found the adverts appealing.

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Adrienne MacAulay, co-founder and chief product officer of Parsley Box, which makes ready meals aimed at older consumers, said: “The baby boomer plus demographic has significant spending power, yet they are consistently misunderstood by brands.

“This research has shone a light on how much brands are failing to connect with this audience, with very few people identifying with either the products or the people in the adverts.

“Reports of people seeing products suited to an older less independent audience evoke images of stair lifts, orthopaedic shoes, and cruise holidays, and reinforces how misunderstood the lifestyle of this section of society is.

“The fact that people are actually feeling offended and patronised shows just how far brands need to go in their marketing campaigns.”

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