Stair-climber inventor flies 6,000 miles to gift toddler with equipment

bfree stairclimber powerchair

The inventor of an innovative stair-climbing device has travelled 6,000 miles from Hong Kong to gift a disabled toddler with equipment to grant him independence.

Alan Lee, inventor of the B-Free Flash wheelchair, met toddler Emerson Grant at a disability exhibition in Birmingham last year and was touched by his story.

Since meeting, Lee built a specially modified version of his invention, worth £15,000, to fit the child, and travelled to Weybridge to deliver it.

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The stair-climbing wheelchair features twin tracks and allows users to travel upstairs and over rough terrain.

Lee’s brother, Luck, who is a director at B-Free, told Surrey Live that Emerson was “so brave and he was so cute and courageous” when they met at the exhibition.

“He was trying to get up and down the chair, enjoying it so much then my brother said ‘I’m going to make a smaller chair for you’,” he said.

The child’s mother, Anna-Marina Dearsley, said that the new wheelchair will help Emerson to retain his independence.

“It’s like Christmas has come early for Emerson,” she told Surrey Live. “It’s going to make such a difference. This chair’s going to be great.

“He does get upset when he sees other children playing football, so this shows there’s still things he can do.”

Lee is the founder of B-Free Technology Limited and has been engaging in product design for more than 20 years.

The B-Free Chair is the firm’s concept version and the B-Free Ranger is its market version.

Image: B-Free has created a number of stairclimbing products like the one shown. Image credit: B-Free Technology Ltd

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