Speed and stock strategy keeping Sherborne ahead of the curve

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Reacting quickly to placed orders and a careful stock strategy are proving key to the success of mobility furniture company Sherborne.

The company promises to deliver a product, across more than 78 options of chair in any fabric, in 12 working days in the UK and is turning over a “significant amount of business” thanks to this speed and what it sees as a unique offering.

Speaking to AMP at Trade Days, sales executive Chris Helliwell explained how the company operates on a rolling basis. “If you order a chair today it will be made tomorrow. If you cancel it or change the colour of it the day after it will still be made, but that then enters our stock situation – we never really have more than a dozen. It works exceptionally well for us.”

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Although this model costs money Helliwell says the company has to have the stock available so it can react quickly.

Sherborne is currently gearing its products towards what it sees as an increasing demand for contemporary looking furniture. But functionality is also high on the agenda.

“We do have a unique safety innovation that was patented to us called Touchstop. If a cat or child gets underneath the recliner, it recognises that and it stops. We’ve had it around two years now but we’ve still got the license,” said Helliwell.

The company also claims to be unique in the specialist bed market as its beds are not built with slats.

“We’re trying to show mobility retailers that just because they’ve done something a certain way for a number of years, they can still look at a different option. You can stand on that bed, up to 28 stone, in motion and it won’t break. There is no other bed here that can do that – other firms will tell you not to stand or sit on it when it’s in motion because it will break the slats.”

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