South West mobility dealer merges branches to form a single brand

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The two separate branches of a mobility dealer in the South West have been forged together to form a new brand name called Unique Mobility to give more clarity to customers and manufacturers.

The merger between Plymouth Mobility Centre and Launceston Mobility Centre was announced in January but it has just been completed because of the sheer number of products that have had to be rebranded.

Unique Mobility now has its own website which is designed to be easier to navigate and will showcase products more clearly.

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The rebrand will mean that the company is less location-specific and aims to give it a broader scope of customers across the South West.

The Director of Plymouth and Launceston Mobility Centre, Ian Bellamy, made the decision to merge the two mobility retail branches after there had been “some confusion” from customers mistaking the branches as competitors and from manufacturers when placing orders.

It is hoped that having a more recognisable brand name will open up opportunities for further growth in the future.

Launceston Mobility Centre has been operating since 2001 in various locations throughout Launceston and after expanding, Bellamy decided to open a showroom in Plymouth in 2015.

Growth at both the Plymouth and Launceston branches has “increased exponentially”, the dealer says, with product lines being added weekly.

In a statement earlier this year, Bellamy said: “To create a more streamlined operation, and a brand that people can recognise – we have decided to merge both branches and rebrand as Unique Mobility.”

The rebrand brings together years of knowledge and experience with 18 staff, two showrooms and three workshops.

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