SmartDrive PushTracker E2, Permobil


Permobil recently launched the SmartDrive PushTracker E2, the world’s most advanced power assist system for manual wheelchairs.

The solution combines the lightweight SmartDrive MX2+ power assist device with the extremely rugged PushTracker E2 smartwatch. Key features are touchscreen technology, which makes the new PushTracker E2 more accessible than ever plus Bluetooth technology which has eight times more reliable connectivity than the original version.

The system uses an app to provide hands-free, gesture-activated control and activity tracking. SmartDrive significantly increases users’ ability to move long distances, tackle slopes and uneven surfaces, and handle daily tasks such as shopping, which can be a challenge for manual wheelchair user

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Alex Douglas

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  1. Very slow, very unresponsive, you don’t know if it iş going to stop when you are going, ör go when you are stopped, very expensive, not made from good quality lasting materials, after 3 months use of 10km a day the wheel is in a diabolical state. Customer services non-existant, very unproffesional

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