Smart tech offers simple solutions for vulnerable people during lockdown


More than two-thirds  (70%) of people living with a disability said having a smart meter had made their lives easier during lockdown by taking away the worry of having to access a traditional gas or electricity meter.

A survey of 2,000 adults living with a disability, mental health condition, on low income or in a vulnerable category found that certain struggles related to their energy meters go largely unnoticed and have proven much more difficult during the pandemic.

One in ten said they know someone living with a disability who was unable to top up their gas or electricity because they couldn’t get to the shop, while 21% said their meters are in awkward to reach areas of their home. In addition, 9% said a carer couldn’t come over to access the meter due to the pandemic.

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Simply having a smart meter installed had eased worries for many with seven in ten saying it had taken away concerns over accessing hard to reach or awkwardly placed energy meters. In addition, 61% of those surveyed said that having a smart meter had made managing their energy easier during the pandemic. Paralympian, TV presenter and author Ade Adepitan MBE, who is campaigning to highlight the benefits of smart meters to vulnerable people, said: “People living with a disability or in vulnerable circumstances face challenges on a daily basis, and technology is playing an increasing role in knocking down some of those barriers. Smart meters are a pretty simple piece of tech, but the tasks that they completely remove could make life easier for many people across Britain.”

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