‘No evidence’ to suggest smart energy meter signals interfere with stairlifts

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There is no currently no evidence to suggest that smart energy meters installed in people’s homes can stop mobility equipment such as stairlifts from working, the UK’s largest stairlift provider Stannah has said.

With around eight million homes having already switched from analogue meters to digital ones, a recent Daily Mail report claimed that radio waves emitted by smart meters could cause interference with the company’s chairs.

It said that while no customers had raised any issues so far, the increasing adoption of wireless tech in homes could mean the radio signals that many stair lifts rely on are becoming confused.

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However, Stannah said this was categorically not the case and that it has no evidence showing that smart meters interfere.

A spokesperson for the company told AMP: “We know that there are other devices that can interfere on rare occasions and therefore we do have a project to look at the potential impact of the growing number of wireless devices in and around the home on stairlift remotes.Even in those few instances where there is interference we can install ‘an easy loop’ which creates a very localised signal that is not susceptible to interference.”

Claire Maugham, director of policy at Smart Energy GB, also defended the use of smart meters in the home and said it was unlikely that interference would ever be a problem.

She told Money Mail: “Smart meters have been specifically designed to high technical and safety specifications to make sure that they do not cause interference with any other wireless devices you might be using.”

By 2020 there are plans for every home to be offered a smart meter as part of a national upgrade scheme.

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