Signia sends clear message with launch of AX hearing aid


Hearing aid innovator Signia has launched its Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aid platform that intelligently and automatically processes sound to better ensure that patients hear more clearly – regardless of the listening environment.

The new platform makes its debut in Signia’s all-new Pure Charge & Go AX rechargeable hearing aid, featuring two sound processors and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Rather than simply amplifying all sounds, Augmented Xperience understands which sounds should be pulled to the foreground and prioritised, and which should remain in the background.

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Using augmented focus technology that processes speech and background noise separately to create a clear contrast between the two.

It then recombines them to deliver speech clarity even in a fully immersive soundscape – like a crowded cafe or an open office environment.

Dr. Leanne Powers, director of professional education at Signia says: “Augmented Xperience changes the game by understanding which sounds should be brought into focus and which remain in the background – creating an almost superhuman level of hearing that optimizes a patient’s performance through enhanced hearing in any situation.”

Signia’s Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids deliver up to 36 hours of run-time per charge and is the company’s smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid.

It is available in black, graphite, dark champagne, silver, pearl white, fine gold, deep brown, sandy brown, rose gold, and beige color options.

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