Scooter user killed after getting stuck on a ‘high’ kerb

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A 79-year-old man died two months after his mobility scooter became stuck on a kerb causing him to be hit by two cars.

Andy Williams was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries in October but died in December after contracting pneumonia.

According to the inquest into Mr Williams’ death, the back wheel of his scooter became lodged on the edge of a “high” kerb as he was trying to cross a junction in Stafford.    

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The inquest heard that he attempted to propel the scooter forward by straddling the equipment but was unable to do so before he was struck and thrown from the machine. It was found that the injuries he sustained contributed to his death in hospital.

Mr Williams’ death was accidental, according to a ruling from coroner Andrew Haigh, a local newspaper reported.

According to a report by Stoke-on-Trent Live, Mr Haigh told the inquest:  “Andy commences what would have been a safe manoeuvre at that time, as there were no vehicles, but gets stuck because in all probability the kerb is too high.

“He frees himself and moved forward reasonably quickly but the road is no longer safe. Andy realises what has happened and makes a right turn but unfortunately there was no way to avoid the collision with that car and then the other.

“He received substantial treatment in hospital and although there was some improvement, his recurrent pneumonia was the main element along with the injuries sustained in the collision in his death.”

Image: The junction between Tennyson Road and West Way where the collision occurred. Google.

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